On The Road Again.

Guess what, we’re moving (again). Are you really surprised?

It has been over two years since we moved to Nashville and we have loved it.  It was everything we hoped it would be when we moved here.  We came seeking a vibrant city full of transplants looking for something new.  We made amazing friends (almost instantly) and became a part of various communities within the city.  We can go to random events throughout the city and almost always see someone we know or at least recognize from another event.  Nashville is a small-town-big-city and it’s hard to describe but we are thrilled we got to experience it as locals (no, Broadway is not where locals hang out).  This past spring was the icing on the cake.  The Predators made a run to the Stanley Cup Finals and Nashville went insane.  It was basically a party every other day for two months.  It was so much fun we had second thoughts about leaving…but…we love adventure.  In the past 2 years we have traveled to Toyko, Kyoto, Panama, Santiago, and Patagonia.   There is a great big world out there waiting to be explored so off we go!

By now you’re probably wondering where in hell we’re moving.  Well, we’re technically moving everywhere and nowhere.

Towards the end of August we will be hitting the road in this bad boy:


That is our awesome 18ft long Aliner hard-sided pop-up camper. Yes, it has a toilet and a shower.  It also has a microwave, three-burner stove, sink, A/C, heat, and hot water heater.  It’s basically a tiny house on wheels that folds down.

This is [subject to change] where we are going:

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.03.28 PM

The total travel estimates are 22 states, 2 provinces, and 10,000+ miles. (Not pictured: Trip from Nashville to Minnesota, trip to Colorado and back, and flight to Atlanta and driving to Columbia, SC).

For how long?  Well, we don’t know.  We won’t have full time jobs and we won’t have any particular timeline to be anywhere.

As of now, the plan is to go back to Minnesota after this adventure, but with no jobs, no commitments, and no set timeline, who knows how long it’ll take us to get there.  It could be 3 months or it could be a year.  It all depends on how close we are to killing each other living in a tiny camper how much fun we’re having and if we can figure out how to make enough money to keep the journey going.

This adventure starts at the end of August, but our time in Nashville ends in less than two weeks.  We are packing up the house and moving out (and renters are moving in) at the end of July.  We’ll go to Minnesota and drop some stuff off and then head out to Colorado to work as volunteers at the Transrockies Run and then fly to to see our nephew Austin graduate from Army Basic Training in South Carolina.

If you’re in Minnesota in early August and want to grab a beer, let us know.  Otherwise, you can follow our travels on this blog and read all about the stupid/funny/cool/scary things that happen to us while we’re on the road.  If you’re lucky, I’ll post a detailed how-to video on dumping the toilet!

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