Leaving Nashville

We hit the road out of Nashville on July 26 despite some pretty amazing friends doing a heck of a job trying to convince us to stay.  It all started the week before we left when @lmk_mpls came to visit for the weekend.  Instead of packing, we drank mimosas, went to breweries, and watched Game of Thrones [best weekend activities ever?].

A lot of boomerangs were attempted…

My last day of work was spent doing very serious things like making cotton candy, having a BBQ, and having a few Nerf battles with co-workers.  It was the most fun day of work I’ve had in a while.  As ready as I was to be done working and start my temporary retirement, I did enjoy many of the people I worked with and I’m not just writing that because I gave them a link to this blog.

After Kayla’s last day we met many of her co-workers for happy hour that was a blast [as usual].  Less than 24 hours later @lauraledwards threw us a going away party.  It was great to see a lot of Kayla’s co-workers [and friends] one last time.  

Kayla with some of her co-workers and Howard [the dog]. Sorry, I was too lazy to edit the crazy eyes.
We made one last stop at the Tailgate Beer taproom after the party.  Laura threatened us not to leave, tears were shed, pretty much a standard night out.  Don’t worry, we’ll come visit next year when the Preds win the Stanley Cup!

Laura & Kayla at Tailgate

Our final days in Nashville were spent packing and cleaning the house. We also spent some times on the pontoon with @huntmedley and @mackmedley.  We’re so grateful for them letting us crash in their guest room and allowing Zuzu to run wild with KZ while Bentley and Costa tried to find quiet places to sleep [they failed].

Attempted photo of all Cooch and Medley humans and dogs [Bentley didn’t make the cut]
All packed up and ready to go!

It was sad leaving all of our friends in Nashville but we got most of them to promise to come visit in Minnesota (or whenever we end up!).  Y’all better start practicing those long Os, don’tchaknow!

Last picture at our Nashville house.  It was too damn hot to be packing.

Road Trip [Round One]

This short road trip was a breeze.  We made a quick pit stop in Chicago for the night to see @strouder3 and @mjleonard86.  Zuzu did not like the city-life and made it known by being an absolute terrorist and pooped on the floor [twice] and peed several times.  I’m pretty sure she officially overstayed her welcome when Mike stepped in one of Zuzu’s hidden poo piles.  Good thing they are good friends and know what it’s like having a puppy!

Derby (left) and Zuzu (right) in a rare moment of calmness

We spent the majority of the drive listening to the podcast Up and Vanished. If you liked “Serial,” you will love Up and Vanished [thanks for the reco, @kellyannperson7!].  It is about an ongoing missing person case in south Georgia.  The podcast actually helped bring attention back to a 12-year old case which [spoiler alert] resulted in an arrest.  It’s really interesting and made the drive fly by.

Sunset in Wisco taken from Scottie and Rita’s farm

We arrived at Kayla’s parent’s house on Thursday. The dogs couldn’t wait to smell the fresh, country air and run around [#farmlife]. We spent the night catching a beautiful sunset, sippin’ on Spotted Cow, and enjoying dinner with Kayla’s dad, Scottie. Everything in Wisconsin looked so green and more beautiful than we remembered.

We’re hanging out with family and friends (and unpacking/repacking) in Minnesota and Wisconsin for the next 10 days.  Then we will head out to Colorado for a trail race called Transrockies Run where we will be working as volunteers at a checkpoint.  We ran it last year and decided to volunteer as crew this year.  Don’t worry, we will post a bunch of mountain pictures on instagram so follow us! @dcocch and @kcocch.

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