2017 TransRockies Run

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you probably know that last year Kcocch and I ran the TransRockies Run together. This year we went back to volunteer as crew and it turns out volunteering is almost as exhausting as running.

What is the TransRockies Run?

TransRockies Run (TRR) is a six-day trail running stage race. It starts in Buena Vista, CO and ends in Beaver Creek, CO. In between, runners conquer 120 miles and 20,000ft of climbing through the Rocky Mountains.  Each stage ranges from 14 miles to 25 miles and runners camp in a different location each night. TRR is a fully-supported race so while the athletes are running, the crew tears down camp and moves it to the next spot. All meals and accommodations are provided with the race entry so all the athletes do is run, eat, and then relax with free beer in “Chillville” before the next day’s stage.

TRR is a mix of elite/professional runners, back-of-the-pack walkers, and everything in between. You’ll see times range from around 3 hours to over 9 hours on a 24 mile day.  The best part about TRR is that the elite runners and slow run/walkers all hang out at night and have fun.

The Beard Crew.  @tommy_rivs, me & @briantinder

Want to see what TRR is all about but don’t want to drop $1,500 on running for a week?  Sign up as a volunteer!  You’ll get some cool swag, work alongside some fantastic people from all over the world, and eat/drink/camp for free for the week. The trade off is that you’ll be working from about 6am until 8pm each day…but the work doesn’t feel like work (most of the time). The added benefit is that volunteering earns you credits towards running the following year to make it more affordable.  You’ll also get a better idea of what to expect when running.  Even better, the crew has the opportunity to run Stage 4 if desired!

The Checkpoint #2 Crew (except Linda) on top of Hope Pass (12,508 ft elevation)
Supplying athletes with water and Gu at 11,900ft

Whether you run or volunteer, you’ll get to see some amazing views.  You’ll see more running, but Checkpoint 2 get’s the best views on the volunteer-side.  Feast your eyes on these views:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.54.44 AM
Bentley sippin’ on some fresh water.  Photo: millerddm
Camping in Camp Hale, CO Photo: RavenEye Photography
On Day 4, we rode these up to the top of Resolution Mountain to provide water at CP 2
All the Mich Ultra you can drink

One of the highlights for us this year was being able to have Bentley accompany us during the entire event. His biggest contribution was assisting athletes emotionally at the checkpoint.  Bentley was a hit and some runners relied on seeing him a bit too much.  On days 2 and 4 Bentley had to stay in the camper because it was high elevation.  Certain runners got to the checkpoint and immediate said, “Where’s Bentley?!?!”

“Steve, did you fill up your water?  Good.  Now give me a piece of watermelon.”
“Your knees are tasting a bit salty, be sure to get some electrolytes to replace that salt!”

If you’re interested in learning more about either running or volunteering at TRR, drop us a comment below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  We’re planning on running again next year so sign up to run or volunteer and we can hang out for a week in the Rockies!

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