House Upgrade!

Slight change of plans.  We decided that this 2-3 month road trip would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t limited to 2-3 months.  Kayla and I both were offered the opportunity to work part-time and remotely for our previous employers.  The additional income combined with income from our rental house in Nashville allows us to take our lives on the road until we get sick of it! 6 months?  1 year?  Who knows?  We’re already excited about the option to spend winter in the Southwest where it’s warm and dry.

Since we’re going to be living and working in this thing not just vacationing, we traded-up to a Class A motor home!

I sold my 2008 Toyota Tundra within 24 hours of listing it on Craigslist.  It just so happened that the amount I got for the Tundra was the exact same amount we paid for our new-to-us 1998 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome!  It’s a 34ft Class A motorhome with one slide in the living room.  It’s a Ford chassis with a 6.7L V10 gas engine and a TAG axle for you motorhome enthusiasts.  We have tons of room in this thing.  We have more crap than I think we need, but we still have empty cabinets.  It’s crazy.  We also bought a car dolly so we can pull the Mazda CX-5 behind us and still have a vehicle for exploring.

Family shot in front of our new-to-us home!

September (in the North) isn’t exactly the best time to sell the Aliner so it’s going into storage at Kayla’s parent’s farm for the winter and will be sold next Spring.

We’re spending the rest of this week getting the motor home ready to roll.  That includes oil changes in the engine and generator, new air filters, new tires, sanitizing the water tank, lines and hot water heater, and organizing the inside.  Our goal is be on the road by Monday (9/11) and heading directly to Canmore to see @Houda44 and run a 14k trail race on 9/16.

Once we get the inside organized and cleaned up we will post a video-tour of our new house-on-wheels!  In the meantime, if you’re in the market for a sweet 18ft long Aliner travel trailer, let me know.  (I’ll even show you how to empty the toilet!)

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