TransRockies Run Beer Mile Breakdown

If my previous post on TransRockies Run didn’t convince you that you need to come to Colorado next August, maybe this post will…

Every year after Stage 3 (which is 24.5 miles), brave (or stupid) runners and crew take part in the annual TRR Beer Mile. This isn’t your typical Beer Mile that takes place on a 400m track. This Beer Mile is on a bumpy dirt road with a wooden bridge in Camp Hale, CO…at about 9,200ft elevation.

Camp Hale
Heck of a backdrop of a Beer Mile!  (Photo: Whoever Houda stole it from)
Beer Mile1
Starting Strong and hoping for a Gu sponsorship (Photo: Whoever Houda stole it from)

The TRR Beer Mile doesn’t follow strict rules. We use whatever beer sponsors TRR that year. In 2016 it was Crazy Mountain so people were trying to chug IPAs. In 2017 it was Michelob Ultra which was much easier but less delicious (especially coming back up)! Speaking of puking, the TRR Beer Mile isn’t really about winning or losing, it’s about all the spectators laughing at the participants so puking doesn’t disqualify you. The TRR Beer Mile has also notoriously been an NC-17 event. Before all my guy friends get excited and buy flights to CO…I need to clarify that it’s always the guys who make it adult-only. Banana hammocks, man-thongs, dude in dresses…it gets weird.  I blame Brian Tinder‘s banana hammock on why I puked this year.

DC Beer Mile
Feelin’ really good.  Banana hammock in the background.  (Photo: Whoever Houda stole it from)


Anyway, this was my first Beer Mile attempt and it was a doozy! Good thing Rachael captured the beginning on video showing my epic start against a bunch of pro/sponsored trail runners!

Time to start training for TRR 2018’s Beer Mile!  I don’t intend on changing my strategy at all!

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