This Thing is YUUUUUGE!

In the last six days we have put about 1,500 miles on the motorhome. Remember back to when I forgot to test the toilet in the Aliner until we were already on the road?  Well, we were really busy getting everything ready for the trip (new tires, buying a dolly, changing oil, etc.) that I never had time to test drive the motorhome with the Mazda on the tow dolly.

Before I get too far, let me explain how big our “rig” is.  We have a 35ft motorhome and a tow dolly with a Mazda CX-5 on it.  It puts us between 50 and 53 feet long.  I haven’t officially measured it yet…but it’s basically the length of an average semi trailer.

yuge rv
It looks even bigger when your hands are tiny.

The first day was my least favorite. We left Wisconsin and drove through Minnesota on Sunday afternoon…which happens to be prime time for mass exodus from lakes and cabins in Minnesota.  There was a lot of traffic, some single lane construction, and winds between 15-25mph.  Not a fun first day of driving.  I was mentally exhausted when we parked for the night south of Detroit Lakes, MN.  My hands were tired from white-knuckling the steering wheel for 5+ hours.

Day two going across North Dakota was mildly better but still a bit exhausting. I was thinking to myself, “Was a motorhome a bad idea?”  Fortunately, day three into Montana was calm and flat with very little traffic.  I even started eating snacks while driving and didn’t feel the need to constantly keep both hands on the wheel.  Success.

Our yuuuge rig in Lewistown, Montana

By time we made it into Canada and had to drive through Calgary on a Friday afternoon, I was feeling pretty comfortable.  Making lane changes in traffic with a 50ft+ rig is…interesting.  Fortunately, most people realize I’m a lot bigger than them and get the hell out of my way when my blinker is on.

My concerns about driving the motorhome have subsided, but we haven’t hit any mountain passes with hair-pin switchbacks yet.  We’re not too concerned though.  90% of the people you see driving motorhomes are senior citizens and you know what they say about senior citizens…

If they can drive mountain roads in motorhomes, I’m pretty sure I can figure it out!  Stay tuned for the next post about our experience bring our home-on-wheels across the Canadian border.  Don’t you go dying on me! 🙂

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