Mouse in the House

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than three weeks into our full-time RV life we had our first unwanted roommate.  I was sitting at the kitchen table working and saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I looked up and made eye contact with a little field mouse.  We had a one second stare-down and he ran back into the bedroom.  Bentley was sleeping on the bed so I yelled, “Bentley get the mouse!”

His natural prey-drive must be lacking in his old age.  He slowly stretched as he slid off the bed.  Dog-owners know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s when their front legs are on the ground but back legs remain on the bed or couch and just kind of slide off as they melt into a downward-dog pose. Pathetic.

Hoping that Zuzu’s puppy-energy would kick in, I yelled for her to get the mouse.  She did a damn-near perfect “sit” and just stared at me.  For the first time in my life I said, “I wish we had a cat.”

Operation Kill Mouse was in full swing.

Phase One: Improve defenses.  We set several glue traps to lure the enemy in and trap him for water-boarding and intelligence gathering humane catch and release.


Phase Two: Identify the weakness in the lines.  Since the mouse came from the bedroom I searched for any holes in the floor, walls, closet, etc.  I searched under the bed and found some partially eaten Gu Stroopwafles…damn Dutch mouse!  Then I found what appeared to be a heat vent.  Turns out it was just a decoy put in place by the enemy and it went straight into the cargo bays under the motorhome.



Phase Three: Fill the hole in the lines.  I used a scrap piece of wood to cover the hole in the floor and used Great Stuff foam to fill all other gaps I could find.


Phase Four: Go on the offensive.  I removed all the furnance covers and used the vacuum to try and suck the mouse out of the heat vents.  This proved to be an unsuccessful attack.


Phase Five: Set booby-traps.  The bedroom now has [dog friendly] mouse traps with cheese to lure the enemy and then WHAM.  Dead Dutch Mouse.

dead mouse

The war continues…


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