The End Is Near

11 days to be exact.

You read that right, the journey is coming to an end.  We decided that camping in the AZ desert all winter with a ton of old people didn’t sound like that much fun.  We would much rather have a yard so we don’t have to walk the dogs 47 times a day and be able to see people besides each other once in a while.

We’re currently hanging out in Williams, AZ (6,800ft elevation and freezing at night!) for the week.  Our old roomies (aka Nashville family) are on their way to spend a long weekend exploring the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff!  Hillary graduated from Vanderbilt last week as a midwife so her and “Peaches” are road-tripping out to the Southwest in their little retro trailer.  This will be the “last hurrah” of the road trip for us.  We’re leaving here on Monday and plan to book-it back to MN/WI and spend Christmas with our families assuming we don’t get stuck in a snowstorm.

I’m sure most of you are probably thinking: “WHY WOULD YOU STOP TRAVELING FULL TIME?”  Well, I think this post answers it but I’ll add a few more reason…  We are tired of being constantly on the move.  We miss stability.  We really miss having a house with a yard and a real kitchen!

We also miss having a little time away from each other.  Seriously, think about it.  Imagine spending over 23 hours a day with your significant other for five months straight.  Kayla and I have always spent a lot of leisure time together because we have many of the same hobbies.  However, we used to get at least 8 hours a day away from each other while at work.  Now we work across the table from one another and pretty much only get alone time when one of us is pooping.

Despite being together nearly 24 hours a day, we didn’t murder each other so we’d call that a major success!  We also got better at arguing…if a couple can get better at that?  We’ve gotten to the point where bickering is a waste of time.  When we start to bicker over something stupid, one of us usually says, “LET’S FIGHT ABOUT IT!” and then we laugh and move on.  I’m not sure that fits into the #MarriageGoals column but it works for us.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 4.03.04 PM.png
This is almost always doing the dishes.  We miss having a dishwasher.

Anyway, here’s what we have been up to over the past two weeks:

We spent a long weekend with Perry, Amanda and their son, Troy.  Perry and I were stationed at Fort Campbell together and we spent many nights hanging out with Perry and Amanda back in the day.  Troy was six the last time we saw him, which was almost six years ago!  He’s 11 now and we got to go to a few of his baseball games while we crashed at their house in Modesto, CA for 4 nights.  It was great catching up with them and it’s always amazing to have friends you can go almost six years without seeing and it’s like you never missed a beat!

Wine with Amanda and Perry
Watching Troy’s baseball games

We did a quick day-trip to Yosemite National Park and saw El Capitan and Half Dome.  It was a short trip but the view was definitely worth the three hours of driving to see it!

This view is easily one of the top 3 we’ve seen on this road trip
Sunrise on El Capitan in the background

After Yosemite we worked our way down to the LA area.  Shockingly, LA started on fire right before we arrived.  We’re positive we’re bad luck as Glacier, Santa Rosa/Napa, and now LA all started on fire shortly before we arrived.  Fortunately, the fires stayed away from Glendale and we spent the weekend with my sister Paula and her family.  We got to meet our newest nephew, Angelo.  We now have 21 nephews and nieces!  Paula and Ryan adopted him about a month ago and he’s a premie so he’s tiny but super cute.  We also got to hang out with Jack and Lila who were more interested in Bentley and Zuzu than they were in us but we had a good time anyway.

Jack, Lila & Angelo with their favorite uncle
Auntie Kayla and Angelo are hungry…shocking.
Lila was obsessed with both Bentley and Zuzu.  Bentley loved the attention…
…and Zuzu tolerated the attention.  She did a great job though!
“OMG I can’t believe my uncle is so cool!”

We left LA on Sunday and headed to Williams, AZ where we currently are hanging out.  If you’re ever heading to the Grand Canyon, I would definitely recommend checking this town out.  It has two breweries, a bunch of restaurants and bars, and it’s not a dump like a lot of small towns in the southwest.  Plus there is a train that you can ride to and from the Grand Canyon if you don’t want to drive.

With 11 days left, the end is near, but it’s not here.  I’ve got at least two more blog posts about this road trip but they likely won’t be published until after Christmas.  The end of the road trip doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the blog, though.  We have several trips planned for 2018 so there will still be posts, they will just be fewer and further between.

As for our plans for 2018, we’re currently looking at houses to rent in the Minneapolis area.  If you happen to know anyone with a house that has a fenced yard and is OK with two dogs, let me know!  If you’re in the Minneapolis area and want to meet for a beer and catch up, drop us a line!

Merry Christmas if you don’t hear from us before then!

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